Ongoing Work of the Trust

 Ongoing Work for 2011

The Because of Jenna Trust turns 8 years old in January 2012 and the annual disbursements have grown over the years from around $50K to over $250K this past year. Besides providing these children with medication, therapy, transportation, equipment and schooling, there is a monthly pamper drive and orthopaedic surgeries and wheel chair clinics at least twice annually each. Barbados does not have the resources in the form of wheelchair suppliers and specialists required to adjust the wheelchairs to meet each child's specific needs, nor do we have an orthopaedic surgeon whose expertise lies in performing necessary surgeries on brain-injured children.

To this end the Trust has assisted in forming a liason with two very special individuals who have been giving of their time and expertise to the children of Barbados for many, many years. Mr. Kike Toro (Wheelchair Specialist) and Dr. José Collazò (Orthopedic Surgeon) both from Puerto Rico, freely give of their time to come to Barbados and meet the needs of our children. They take time out of their busy schedules to give to us and for this we are eternally grateful and would like to recognise and report on this. In the accompanying photographs, we can see Kike and José working with the children during two of their recent visits to Barbados. The Because of Jenna Trust would like express its sincere gratitude on behalf of the severely brain-injured children of Barbados, many of whom cannot speak for themselves, to these two gentlemen for their commitment to us which is truly immeasurable. We also take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who continues to support our cause as without you we could not carry out the work which we do.

Ongoing Work for 2011Ongoing Work for 2011Ongoing Work for 2011Ongoing Work for 2011Ongoing Work for 2011Ongoing Work for 2011

 Ongoing Work for 2010

Wheelchair Clinics
The Trust continues to either host or subsidise the Wheelchair Clinics which are held annually at the Children's Development Centre. This year two clinics were held when Kike Toro and his trusted assistant, Jorge, flew to Barbados and spent a week each time tirelessly refitting and refurbishing the children's wheelchairs. As you can see from the photos and the smiles on the children's faces, they are happy to be receiving new chairs or revised seating, headrests etc so that they are more comfortable and better supported. This is imperative to their physical and physiological well-being as they spend many hours seated in their wheelchairs. Good positioning is important to prevent further complications such as displaced hips, scoliosis, shortened tendons etc, all of which may be painful and require surgery.

The Trust supplied orthopaedic braces to a number of children recently. Amari and Annesa agreed to pose for us in their new braces.

Pamper Drive
The need for pampers continues to increase and the Trust is therefore committed to providing approximately 40 children with pampers monthly.

Anti-convulsant medications, doctors' & specialists' fees, school fees & transportation, food hampers and facilitatory equipment are examples of the other items which make up some of the other expenditure.

Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010Ongoing Work for 2010

 Pamper Drive
The Trust supplies pampers and briefs to 15 children on a monthly basis.

The Trust pays for a private physiotherapist, Melissa Walcott-Pusey, to visit five children at home on a weekly basis as well as the Challenor School on Monday and Wednesday mornings. The Home Program is designed for those children who cannot attend school and cannot afford to pay for physiotherapy but who desperately require this for their well-being. The Challenor School Program was designed in order that the children who attend that facility would receive a more structured therapy program; Melissa works with the co-ordinators at Challenor to ensure that each child's individual needs or requirements are met. She also assists with the food program for two children at Challenor whereby the Trust buys juices and snacks on a monthly basis and Melissa transports these to the school. Melissa is also very attentive to all the children's needs and always informs the Trust of any additional ways that we can assist these special children.

 Wheelchair "seating & positioning" Clinic
Wheelchair `seating & positioning` Clinic Wheelchair `seating & positioning` Clinic
This takes place once a year and the Trust assists with providing additional equipment required for the new wheelchairs such as specialised headrests, chest supports, footrests etc. as well as paying for the refurbishment of the older chairs.

 Orthopedic Surgery
Many of these children require orthopedic surgery due to the way their tendons, joints etc. are compromised as a result of their brain-injury. We have formed a close relationship with Dr. Jose Collazó, an orthopedic surgeon from Puerto Rico, who now visits Barbados twice every year... once to evaluate the children and the second time to perform surgery on them. He does this because his heart is so big and the Because of Jenna Trust, together with the Variety Club, takes care of his expenses while he is here. Dr. Collazó's expertise and work on the children of Barbados has been and continues to be invaluable.

Orthopedic Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Orthopedic Surgery

 Brianna Skeete

Brianna was one of the early children who received financial assistance from the Trust. We sent Brianna to Dr. Collazó some years ago (before we obtained permission for him to work here in Barbados) for orthopedic surgery. As a result of this surgery, Brianna began walking last year for the first time at 6 years of age and the Trust now pays for her to attend Codrington High School. Brianna is one of our success stories and she is the only severely cerebral palsied child who is now placed in the general school system here on the island; Brianna started school at Codrington in September, 2006 and is doing amazingly well.

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