Bervini Prosecco (Rosé)

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Bervini Prosecco (Rosé)

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On May 5, 1955, Antonio Bergamo and his son Giuseppe established Azienda Vinicola A. Bergamo. Today, the vititcultural tradition is carried on by Giuseppe and his son Paolo. Their passion for the world of wine spans from vineyards to the wine itself, maintaining consistent quality and innovation at every step. Bervini 1955 has deep connections with the territory of the Friulian flatlands. The cellars are at Chions in the province of Pordenone, where they straddle the two DOC zones of Prosecco and Friuli Grave. Its distinctive house style is one of elegant complexity and authentic expressions of variety and provenance.

NV Spumante Rosé, Friuli Venezia Giulia
Offering a continuous stream of tiny bubbles, find fragrances of raspberry and rose with fruit forward flavors and a balanced acidity. Enjoyable as an aperitif or as a versatile match with food

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