How does the Trust work to help these children and their families?

First and foremost, we use the money we raise to help pay for the special care. equipment and supplies that brain-injured children need every day. The Ministry of Health, which funds the Children's Development Centre, pays for most of the costs of this care, and there are other excellent organisations such as the Barbados Children's Trust and the Variety Club that also provide funding, but somehow there is always a need for more.

We work very closely with the Children's Development Centre, and we are guided by its staff as to how and where we can best intervene - particularly to help those children who are in danger of falling through the cracks because they are the most severe cases, and their families are the most needy. We can respond quickly to day-to-day situations because of the way we are set up. For example, on the basis of a phone call from the Centre, we have the flexibility to arrange and pay for a taxi, or a doctor's appointment, a visit from a physiotherapist, or essential supplies like pampers.