Because of Jenna Trust is a registered Barbados charity exclusively funded through individual and corporate donations.

Since 2004 we ease the life of severely brain-injured children in Barbados, those kids need help every day, every year of their life.

With your support we can continue to make a difference in these special children's reality.

Donate by Cheque

Make cheques payable to Because of Jenna Trust. Please include your email address so we can send you updates about your impact on the lives of those special children through your donation.

Mail your donation to:

Because of Jenna Trust
6B The Palisades, Enterprise
19070 Christ Church - Barbados

Monthly giving

By donating monthly, you help us plan for the future, act faster in case of emergencies, and provide more stable long-term support to severely brain-injured children in Barbados. Contact us for more information at

Workplace giving

Talk to your employer about coordinating a matching gift! Many organisations are prepared to match every donation made by their employees. Email us to and we will get in touch with your employer.

Give on behalf of a loved one

Give a gift in the name of a loved one or family member and you will have the option to send them a beautiful email thank-you letter.  This personalized email features original photography from our work  and a short note letting them know about the good being done in their name.

These special children need help every day, every year of their life and with your support we can continue to make a difference.

If you wish to make an impact in their life please choose a donation item below, or, you can set your own amount at the bottom.

Test product
Wheelchair accessible ride for one child
1 hr home physiotherapy
Monthly pamper provision for one child
One term special needs school for one child
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