2007 As we entered into our fourth year as a registered charity, the Because of Jenna Trust continued to grow significantly. We began four years ago trying to meet the needs which were "slipping between the cracks" so to speak, but because of your generous support and the way we have been able to increase the Trust's awareness both to the public and private sectors over the years, we are now spending over $100,000 in assistance to these children each year.


We are now providing 25 children with pampers and briefs monthly (our pamper drive began with 5 children in 2004) and we plan to once again increase the number of children during 2008. We continue to support the annual Wheelchair Clinic as well as the visits from Dr. Collàzo, our orthopaedic surgeon who performs the necessary surgeries on selected children every year. Five children were operated on last year and 26 were evaluated for future surgeries, some of which will be done during the first half of this year. We were able to provide the Children's Development Centre with some items of equipment during 2007, two of which were the Walkable which is a dynamic stander, balance trainer and walker all in one. The children can stand and play at a detachable table as well as practice walking without the fear of falling.


One of the major challenges which the therapists face with these severe children is encouraging them to participate in their therapy which is more often than not, difficult, uncomfortable and very hard work. I remember that whenever the therapist arrived at our house, Jenna only had to hear her voice and she immediately became defiant and usually very unhappy because she was very aware of what was to come. So to provide the CDC with equipment which can facilitate active participation from the children is very important. We also supplied a Creepster Crawler which is a revolutionary device to enhance one of the most important developmental milestones: crawling. Crawling not only improves strength, posture and coordination which are necessary ultimately for walking or at least increased mobility, but believe it or not, it is critical for "growing the brain" in order to increase brain function.


The Trust was also responsible for facilitating a workshop in December with a Speech & Language pathologist and I will share just one note which one of the Mother's who attended those sessions wrote to me. She said "Thank you so much for bringing Stephanie who is the most amazing and intriguing speaker and teacher. She has given us the tools to help our child's communication and now we can put this to practice. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity because she was the "something" we were looking for, for the longest time". I can't emphasis to you enough, how desperate parents of severely brain-injured children are as they search for answers to their children's problems. We can't provide a cure, because there isn't one, but we can help them reach their full potential wherever possible and every time we send them to see a specialist, who they could not possibly afford on their own, or provide a case of pampers, we are enhancing the quality of their lives.


We are also now paying school fees for three children, we are assisting a family whose child has spina bifida and has had to have an artificial bladder implanted, she is suffering difficulties with this but we are continuing to assist them as they struggle through these procedures with their daughter. And we are continuing to enable children to attend Pediatric Therapy Associates in Miami which offers intense, week-long therapy for children who are benefitting greatly from this. All these in addition to our ongoing projects mentioned above as well as our home therapy program for children who cannot get out to attend their physio sessions, payment for doctors' visits, transportation and so on. In closing, the Trust acknowledges all who continue to support us by means of donations or Covanents and of course by supporting our two annual fundraisers: The Valentines Ball and our Golf Tournament at Durants. We thank you for helping us to continue to make a difference in these special children's lives.


God Bless you all.


Yours sincerely.