2008 was somewhat of a challenging year for us as our Wheelchair Clinic and orthopaedic surgeries were postponed over and over again due to circumstances beyond our control. I am happy to report however that during the last week of January and the first week of February, 2009 respectively, we had a hugely successful wheelchair clinic and 5 children were operated on by our surgeon from Puerto Rico.


In spite of the above, the Trust continued its work in a number of other areas which included financing Dr. Collazo's flights to Barbados for evaluations of the children in preparation for the orthopaedic surgeries mentioned above, our continued physiotherapy program in homes and at the Challenor School, a number of dental surgeries for children requiring this type of care, medications and doctors' visits and of course our monthly pamper drive which has increased to support 45 children. Additionally we purchased walkers, corner chairs to support the seating program and orthopaedic splints and supplies as required. We continue to pay school fees and transportation for three children, these being Kristina Andrews at the Challenor School for Creative Arts, Brianna Skeete at The Codrington School and Destiny Small at CMI Preparatory.


During, 2008 the Trust was approached by Sue MacMillan from the "More than Words" Program in Canada for financial support with their proposed program for autistic children in Barbados. The Trustees were impressed with Sue's presentation and agreed to the required support. We have since witnessed the tremendous results of this Program and have committed to continue to support the second phase of these modules with another group of children.


As can be seen from the Financials shown in this Annual Report, the Trust disbursed $150K during 2008 for the various services, supplies and equipment mentioned above, some $16K over our spending for the previous year.


To date, 2009 has been an active year for the Trust, the biggest single item of our work being the second Wheelchair Clinic in July which we fully supported at a cost of approximately US$25K. This clinic was geared primarily towards older children who are no longer covered by other charities due to their "cut-off" age of 16 years. The Because of Jenna Trust does not look at the age of any severely brain-injured child, only the need. During the weeklong clinic 13 inserts/seating systems were provided, 16 wheelchairs repaired and 4 assessments carried out in preparation for yet a third clinic scheduled for later this year.


Plans are underway for our Golf Tournament slated for October 30, 2009 at Royal Westmoreland as well as our 2010 Ball schedule for February 6, 2010. More information on this major fundraiser in the coming months.


In closing, and on a personal note, I should like to make special mention of, and sincerely thank Nigel Worme and Katy Gale who take their work as Trustees very seriously and with immeasurable passion and dedication. Without their hard work and support the work of the Trust would not be what it is.


Katy and Nigel join me in thanking you for your continued support as we approach the end of our sixth year as a Registered Charity.


God Bless you all.


Yours sincerely.