The Trust's financial support of severely brain-injured children in Barbados continues to grow as can be seen from the attached financials. Expenditure during 2010 exceeded $225K, an increase of $40K over the previous year's. This is so very encouraging as it is indicative of the fact that despite the strained economic times in which we are living, the generosity of those who continue to support our work, has not waned and this has allowed us to continue to expand our financial assistance to these special children.


As can be seen from the details, our pamper drive continues to top our list of total expenses followed by the wheelchair clinics, school fees and orthopaedic supplies. These numbers however cannot measure the true benefit and what this all means to the children and by extension, their parents. Please take a moment to look at the various photos in this report where you will see the smiles on the faces of the children as well as our team at work during one of the wheelchair clinics and during therapy sessions at Haynesville Children's Home. These photos say it all.


Thank you, as always, for your generous and tireless support.


Anna Clarke