The Trust disbursed $266,887 during 2011 as can be seen from the attached financials. This indicates an additional $40,000 in support of severely brain-injured children over the previous year. During 2011, our annual golf tournament was not held in October, however a gala evening donated by Sandy Lane Hotel through the kind efforts of Jane and Joseph Yacomine, allowed the Trust to raise an additional $116,253.


Our pamper drive, totalling $52,961, still occupies the major share of disbursements, however the Wheelchair Clinic targeted a significant number of children and just over $50,000 was spent for new wheelchairs as well as various refurbishments, supports and necessary accessories. School fees and transportation, orthopaedic braces, physiotherapy and anti-convulsant medications each totalled between $25,000 and $28,000 during this period and the remaining funds comprised donations of food, doctors' fees and tests as well as some special projects.


The Because of Jenna Trust continues to grow in terms of awareness and assistance for these special children and this is only possible through the generous and ongoing support of all of those who believe in our work and who are, like us, determined to make a difference in the lives of these children who have no other way of helping themselves. It is somewhat overwhelming, yet very rewarding, when we look back over the past eight years at the number of children whose lives have been touched and changed by the work of this Trust.


Thank you, as always, for allowing us to make a difference.


Anna Clarke