2014 realised an increase in annual spend of $40K over the previous year, totaling $340.5K, once again signifying the ongoing growth of the work of the Trust. The provision of pampers via our monthly Pamper Drive as well as the Wheelchair Clinic were responsible for the largest disbursements, these being $69.8K and $60.6K respectively, with school fees and the Home Physiotherapy Program following at around $50K each. We are grateful for the ongoing private and corporate donations which totalled $19K, and this, together with support of our annual Valentine’s Gala fundraiser ($283K) as well as interest on investment ($25K), were responsible for the sustainability of our financial support for 2014. We take this opportunity to extend special thanks to John & Rain Chandler (Fisher Pond Great House) and Heather Richardson & Fiona Prior (Country House Caterers) for their unmeasured support over the past several years.

Increased funding was used for special projects such as communication devices, orthopedic surgeries and in turn rehabilitation supplies, as well as intensive training programs for physiotherapists in order to enhance the quality of treatments for the children. The demographic of the children to whom the Trust lends its support is one of severe brain-injuries and as such most of the children are immobile, non-communicative and some lacking any functionality whatsoever, therefore very specialized treatments are critical for their ongoing care.

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for us, both in terms of support to the children as well as in terms of planning our fundraising for 2016. Orthopedic surgeries on five children were done in March and the casts have now been removed and full rehabilitation has started; the children all did very well, in spite of the challenges associated with such major surgeries. $64K has been disbursed over the first quarter and the Trustees have met to discuss 2015’s “wish list” and agreed on some special projects, mainly for mobility and functional equipment (walkers, gait trainers, shower chairs and stands) as well as intensive physio, speech and occupational training totaling approximately $65K, in addition to our ongoing monthly commitments for pampers, home therapy, school fees, doctors’ visits and medications which generally total around $280K annually. We therefore expect to realize increased spending in terms of support over the current period.

In closing, our annual Valentines Gala fundraiser was held this year for the first time at the home of Barry & Fiona Gale in Mangrove, St Philip and was the largest event we have ever hosted. Just over 430 guests were in attendance and the evening was spectacular in every way. Even the heavy showers which resulted in some set up challenges on the day of the event were not enough to dampen the outcome. Huge thanks to Barry & Fiona, Katy & Freddie (Gale) for their generosity and support in affording the Trust this venue, as well as to Bill & Hayley Blevins for donating the Fabbagirls to perform and arranging Russ Abbot to act as our Auctioneer. As always, it was a pleasure to welcome Sir Cliff Richard who kindly performed for us yet again, much to the crowd’s delight! Last but not least, to each and every person who donated their time or other support in the form of auction items, services and supplies and to all who purchased tickets or tables, we express our sincere thanks for your continued support. Our hearts were once again filled with gratitude and awe at the faith which so many place in our work and the strong spirit of generosity which continues to envelop the Trust and enable us to do what we do.

With kind personal regards

Anna Clarke