Dear Friends & Supporters of the Trust


2018 realised the first full year of operation for the Because of Jenna Trust Respite Centre, located at the Thelma Vaughn Memorial Home complex.     We are very pleased to report that the Respite is functioning really well and has certainly provided a “home away from home” for our participants from Monday to Friday each week.   Joanne, our Administrator, ably assisted by Claire, our resident Physiotherapist and our team of caregivers have created a wholesome family environment for everyone involved.  It is truly their “happy place” and the weekly reports, photographs, activities, day trips etc are testimony to this.   The children simply love their time at the Respite as do the staff and caregivers.   As you know this has been the vision of the Trust from inception and it could not have been achieived without the support of the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust and of course the support of you all.   You have “made our dream come true” but more importantly lives have been truly changed for the better.


During 2018, the Trust disbursed $428K, $221K of which was directly related to the running costs of the Respite Centre.   Other disbursements relate to our ongoing support of the severely brain-injured children in Barbados.  


After fifteen years and much careful consideration, the Trustees have made the decision not to continue hosting the annual fundraising Gala in February.    We know that many of you will be disappointed to hear this and that more than anything reminds us of the wonderful event this was.   The “only constant in life is change” and we are embracing the future of the Trust with plans to diversify our fundraising efforts.    We take this opportunity to specially thank everyone who has so faithfully supported us each and every year by donating towards, and/or attending this event and making it the success which it was.   We will certainly keep you all posted with our plans.

In closing, we appreciate everyone’s continued support and belief in work as we continue to change as many lives as we possibly can.

As always,

Anna Clarke

Founder & Trustee