The Trust pays for a private physiotherapist, Melissa Walcott-Pusey, to visit five children at home on a weekly basis as well as the Challenor School on Monday and Wednesday mornings. The Home Program is designed for those children who cannot attend school and cannot afford to pay for physiotherapy but who desperately require this for their well-being. The Challenor School Program was designed in order that the children who attend that facility would receive a more structured therapy program; Melissa works with the co-ordinators at Challenor to ensure that each child's individual needs or requirements are met. She also assists with the food program for two children at Challenor whereby the Trust buys juices and snacks on a monthly basis and Melissa transports these to the school. Melissa is also very attentive to all the children's needs and always informs the Trust of any additional ways that we can assist these special children.

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