Ongoing Work for 2010

Wheelchair Clinics

The Trust continues to either host or subsidise the Wheelchair Clinics which are held annually at the Children's Development Centre. This year two clinics were held when Kike Toro and his trusted assistant, Jorge, flew to Barbados and spent a week each time tirelessly refitting and refurbishing the children's wheelchairs. As you can see from the photos and the smiles on the children's faces, they are happy to be receiving new chairs or revised seating, headrests etc so that they are more comfortable and better supported. This is imperative to their physical and physiological well-being as they spend many hours seated in their wheelchairs. Good positioning is important to prevent further complications such as displaced hips, scoliosis, shortened tendons etc, all of which may be painful and require surgery.


The Trust supplied orthopaedic braces to a number of children recently. Amari and Annesa agreed to pose for us in their new braces.

Pamper Drive

The need for pampers continues to increase and the Trust is therefore committed to providing approximately 40 children with pampers monthly.


Anti-convulsant medications, doctors' & specialists' fees, school fees & transportation, food hampers and facilitatory equipment are examples of the other items which make up some of the other expenditure.

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