Ongoing - 2012 to 2017


During 2013, we provided much needed physiotherapy for several of the kids - due to increased demand for these services the CDC became overwhelmed, and we decided to offer home based physiotherapy to alleviate the pressure. Wheelchair clinics were conducted, and several new wheelchairs were provided to low mobility recipients.


2014 brought a renewed pamper drive, as well as intensive training for local physiotherapists involved in treating children with severe brain injuries.


in 2015 we provided orthopaedic surgeries for 5 children, as well as the functional equipment needed post-surgery.


During 2016, construction of the Because of Jenna Trust Respite Centre, located at the Thelma Vaughan Memorial Home (TVMH), commenced. The building was funded by the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust (SLCT) as well as the TVMH; additionally SLCT generously offered to fund the outfitting of the Respite Centre. Over the years, the Trust had diligently set aside funds to support such a facility but we were still a long way off in terms of achieving this when Sandy Lane Charitable Trust approached us with their offer. Suffice to say, we were pleased to accept and to be able to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Thelma Vaughan Memorial Home which would mutually work well for both of our organisations especially as our mandates are somewhat aligned.   


The Because of Jenna Respite Centre opened at the beginning of October 2017 with four children being registered as participants. This was an historical event for us approximately 15 years after the Trust was founded. A year later we are up to six participants and working towards expanding this number relative to the size of the facility. The benefits derived from the Respite for these children cannot be measured. Our team of care-givers - including a physiotherapist - is led by Joanne, our Administrator. They are doing an awesome job every day caring for and enhancing the lives of these children who would otherwise be at home. We have shared a few photos here which provide a little view into their activities at the Respite. It’s their “happy place” each and every day.

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